Embedded Master 4.0 is Availabe Now in Public!

Open Embedded Software foundation's Embedded Master 4.0 (EM4.0), code name EggPlant, is now available in public.

EM4.0 is now based on Android™ 4.0 release.

Android™ 4.0 is one of major platform release including user features, developer features, API changes, and bug fixes. Many Android devices in the market are using this release.

Reacently many Android based devices are announced, and some of them are passed Google Conpatibility Test Suite. To help to pass the Test, We introduce auto detect function in our Platform Builder envirnment.

All source codes are available for download from our GitHub Repository

Please enjoy New Embedded Master and tell our great thanks to many contributors.

New extended Features

The following new functions are introduced in this version.

  • OESF Platform Builder
  • OESF Platform Builder is updated to auto detect CTS dependencies.

Open Embedded Software Foundation
Distribution Working Group

Published 24/Sep/2012

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